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Mafengwo Live Stream Report: Live Stream Might Play a Key Role in Tourism Industry Recovery

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May 18, 2020Author: Travel Link Daily
The Covide-19 pandemic put the world temporarily ‘on pause’. But at the same time, it also greatly changed people’s behaviors in obtaining information, shopping and many other aspects. Various platforms in China, including the major online travel platforms, now utilize live stream as a new way to maintain engagement with their users and even drive conversion during this challenging time. And the new approach seems worked well. Some believe that this is a sign saying ‘the era of live-streaming tourism has arrived’.

As consumers are ‘grounded’ by travel restrictions due to the pandemic, many businesses and KOLs in tourism industry began to explore the possibility of using live streaming to promote travel and travel products, in the purpose of maintaining close communication with the consumers in long run. Short video platforms like Tik Tok and Kuai Shou, travel portals like Mafengwo and Ctrip, and even the Chinese telecom giants – China Mobile and China Telecom, flock to live stream. This is considered as the arrival of ‘Era of Live-streaming Tourism’.

Mafengwo, the leading online travel UGC platform and OTA in China, recently released the first report about live-streaming tourism. According to their report “The Era of Live-streaming Tourism – Insights on Culture & Tourism Industry 2020”, unlike the e-commerce live-streaming using low price as the biggest selling point, tourism live-streaming is more about content. The audiences of tourism live streams are always attracted by the contents in live streams first, and make decision for bookings later. To be successful, travel platforms will have to have the abilities to gather the KOLs, travel product suppliers and tourism boards across the world quickly, then provide attractive travel contents as well as travel products with high value for money.

The report shows that since April, the number of live streams on Mafengwo seen a month-on-month increase of 108%, whilst the number of live-streaming hosts also increased by 58% over the previous month.

Compared with tour operators and airlines, travel platforms have a unique advantage, which is the capability of mobilizing the resources in the whole industrial chain. According to Feng Yao, head of Mafengwo’s Tourism Research Center, live-streaming in tourism industry is nothing like the live-streaming of video games and e-commerce businesses which could be easily done in indoors. ‘Live stream on site’ is the key to success for tourism live-streaming. And this is a huge challenge for platforms. Mafengwo has long been dedicated to providing in-depth contents of travel experiences, and already has well-established partnerships with a lot of travel KOLs and suppliers. These are the accelerators enable Mafengwo to develop its live stream business.

So far, the hosts of Mafengwo’s live streams are from over 1,000 destinations across the world, and providing a variety of travel contents for the platform’s users. Phuket (Thailand), Kyoto (Japan), South Pole, Osaka (Japan) and Coron (Philippines) are the Top 5 most popular destinations for overseas live-streaming.

(Source:, translated by Travel Link)

According to the statistics in the report, the daily growth rate of users watched live streams on Mafengwo reached 101.4% since April. And the average time users spent on watching live steam in the second time is 2.7 times as long as they spent in the first time.

Source:, translated by Travel Link

The live streams about in-depth experiences are favored by 72.88% of the users. The immersive live-streaming of an 11-day Sichuan-Tibet tour and the live-streaming of VIP tour to the “Panda Delivery Room” at Chengdu Panda Base enjoyed millions of views on Mafengwo.

Source:, translated by Travel Link

Statistics also showed that the Post-90s and Post-85s with strong consumption capability are the major audiences of tourism live-streaming, accounting for over 50% of the total number. It’s noteworthy that the Generation Z (Post-95s and Post-00s) is also rising and accounts for more than 20% of the total audiences. The gender ratio between male audiences and females audience is close to 1:1. The varied and visualized contents in live streams are more interesting and interactive than traditional contents, so they are not only attractive to female users, but also male users. Regarding the geographical locations, those who reside in tier-1 and new tier-1 cities are major audiences. Users from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou made up the majority of audiences.

Mafengwo also conducted research on understanding their travel product suppliers’ wiliness to do live-streaming. The results revealed that suppliers are eager to use live streams to help their business recover from the pandemic and they are willing to spend money for that. Over 40% of the suppliers of Mafengwo plan to invest RMB 10,000 to 50,000 on live streams annually.

Among the supplier respondents, more than 30% stated that they are doing live-streaming already, and most of those who did not do live-streaming yet stated that they will start live-streaming in the future.

Source:, translated by Travel Link

Source:, translated by Travel Link

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